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Updated: Dec 14, 2018

The challenge of hiring Graduates & Apprentices

There is an expectation that young professionals of organisations will deliver commercial success earlier in their careers, certainly within the first two years. However, the reality is that few are equipped with the skills and behaviours necessary to build the kind of customer relationships that will deliver the commercial results the business is looking for.

Even with the best efforts of the HR department, the customer-facing functions often struggle with the right development programme. This means time and effort developing new employees leads to the inevitable delay in seeing the benefits of fully-fledged client/account managers who can manage complex and important relationships and take ownership of their sales targets.

What if you could accelerate the sales effectiveness of Graduates & Apprentices?

This would bring with a host of benefits because your young professionals will be able to:

1. Build stronger relationships with customers, clients or stakeholders

2. Think commercially with a clear approach to uncovering opportunities

3. Leverage their strengths but identify development areas which requires different approaches

4. Think differently about challenges and how to generate new ideas

5. Identify that selling is a positive skill-set that can be developed

The classic approach for developing Graduates & Apprentices

Most organisations take a mixed approach to development:

1. Learn as you work – The ‘trainer’ is not trained in all the necessary processes so you risk, at best, incomplete training, at worst, inaccurate training where bad habits are passed on.

2. Standard training – You put young professionals on the same courses as other employees and they’re not tailored for their career journey with their end-in-mind.

3. Specialism – Training programmes are focused towards the specialist areas the role needs and not towards future proofing with a complete set of skills that increases breadth of knowledge.

Mind-1 developed and tested a ten month programme that has proven results taking young professionals and transforming them into sought after talent for the next role in their careers.

How to accelerate the development of your Graduates & Apprentices?

Mind-1 developed and tested a ten month programme that has proven results taking young professionals and transforming them into sought after talent for the next role in their careers. The programme has produced the added benefit of identifying high-potential individuals who will become part of the talent pool for future leadership development within the company - feeding your talent pipeline from the bottom up is a key element of ensuring the successful organic growth of any organisation.

At its core, the programme has been designed to develop the right mind-set and behaviours that positively impact young professionals to ensure they are:

· Engagement – capable of building strong relationships and extracting the right intelligence to find the win-win for your customers business and your business

· Solutions – solution focused and able to build on their engagement skills to use creative & innovative approaches that wow the customer and deliver growth

· Delivery – projecting themselves at customers in the most impactful and professional manner with high quality delivery

What are the outcomes of the programme?

By the end of the programme you will have young professionals with:

· Focus because they are on a development plan with a clear objective

· Commitment because they value & recognise the investment they are unlikely to get elsewhere

· Quality Output because they focused on results and getting to the next level

· More Value because they are delivering better results earlier than expected

Does your organisation offer a service to accelerate the development of your young professionals, graduates & apprentices?
If not, get in touch with Gurdev Lota @ Mind-1 Positive Change Achieved. I can tell you more about my programme and once I know what you want to achieve I can tailor a programme to suit the needs of your business.

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