Nobody Likes Change!

This might just be one of the most common sayings I’ve heard in my lifetime and arguably one of the worst limiting beliefs because it holds people back from taking positive action in their lives. It’s a thought-virus because it narrows our view around the benefit of change. In fact there are a lot of restrictive beliefs & views associated with change for example:

  • Why should I change, I’m fine the way I am. Other people should change.

  • This is the way I’ve always done it

  • If it aint broke, don’t try to fix it

  • Change is hard, it’s easier to keep doing what I’m already doing

  • You can't teach an old dog new tricks

  • Change costs too much

In my view there are a lot of benefits to change both from a personal and professional level. Let’s consider a few of these:

  • Change can get you a different result – if you’re not happy with how things are panning out then stepping back, assessing the situation and taking a different path can unlock new results that deliver greater happiness.

  • Change is crucial for innovation, kaizen & competitive advantage – doing things the same way and expecting a different outcome is often referred to as stupidity. If we accepted that existing norms are the best we could hope to achieve, then we would never have raised the bar on human achievement. Some great examples of these are the wheel, paper, vaccinations, penicillin, planes, electric cars, phones, computers the list goes on.

  • Change is one of our natural instincts – human brains are social brains, we seek information, we create knowledge and we act based on this. This is how we were able to survive as primitive cavemen and progress to the advanced humans we are today - it’s hard coded into us i.e. our nature is to change to new situations for better outcomes. It’s what differentiates us from other species. To deny our ability to change is to limit our potential and box ourselves into situations that will likely lead to losing outcomes that lead to unhappiness.

So why is change so fearedIt’s not the change that we fear it’s what it represents:

  • Lack of choice or loss of control - when our choices or control is taken away and change is enforced on to us then this can be a very uncomfortable feeling. In today’s society choice is associated with personalisation or living life exactly how you want, right down to having your name on a soft drink bottle or designing your own trainers. Change is actually a teacher and expands our repertoire of learnings, we must embrace change to increase our potential.

  • Making mistakes – the system has made a strong connection between mistakes and failure so when we embark on change, we increase the risk of mistakes or failure and we fear it. We must remember that failure (or feedback) is part of the change process and actually enables us to achieve the ultimate success we’re looking for. You only fail when you quit.

  • Facing the unknown - we’ve increasingly become creatures of habit so when we’re comfortable with something then the idea of rocking the boat can be unwanted or scary. However growth doesn’t happen when you’re in your comfort zone, it happens outside of this. Magic is out there if you’re brave, when you find the opportunity for positive change then you must act upon it.

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