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My name is Gurdev Lota. After securing a graduate role (a proper full time job) in marketing at 24 I found myself placed in many professional development courses. This was AWESOME because I was learning new things but what really excited me was the personal development I was getting. I was quick to recognise that a good learning is one that you can use in different parts of your life not just the professional part.

"Live, Learn, Live Better"

The turning point for me was during a ‘Creativity & Innovation’ course which was designed to improve our creative muscles to be more innovative. It was fantastic!!! This course was unlike anything I had ever done before, it opened up an exciting world about the mind:

  • new patterns of thinking & behaving

  • looking at the world differently 

  • the power of mind states

  • using stimulus to unlock new ideas

  • how you nurture  and grow ideas

"It all starts with the Mind"

I was fast becoming a better version of me in all areas of my life because I was developing a more positive & adaptable mindset. My quality of life was getting better because my confidence in me was getting stronger. This learning proved just as valuable than the academic learning I received so I decided to continue my development journey.

"Learning never stops, Knowledge is diverse"

I've spent more than a decade attending training courses, learning from experts, following my passions and bringing positivity to other peoples lives. This has enabled me to offer guidance, support and coaching in fun & practical ways.

becoming a better version of me

My mission is to help people live their best lives.

If you make a definite decision to change then I'd love to work with you.

You can become the best version of yourself, what do you want?

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What do I offer you?

Coaching & Talks - one-to-one & group coaching and even full learning & development courses. I've had positive results by helping clients to better understand themselves and what they want. I then show and teach effective techniques to help you achieve your aims through the power of your mind. My clients have achieved results and gone to do amazing things.


Passions for Positivity - Playing Dhol with 'Dhol Collective' is my passion. Dhol is a Panjabi drum and it's been a blessing in my life because it instantly put's me into a positive place, even if I've had a stressful day. It dawned on me that passions are the most powerful way to turn mental health into mental wealth so I encourage others to 'pick up your passion' . It's the most powerful and fun form of therapy you can use. 


21 Days of Positivity Challenges - I run monthly 21 day positivity challenges through Herbalife which has bought together like minded individuals into a community who are also achieving better health for themselves. Like ripples in a pond these individuals are also achieving positive change and influencing others too.