Becoming a better version of me

My name is Gurdev Lota. After I graduated I found myself placed in many professional development courses but what really excited me about these was the personal development. I was quick to recognise that a good learning is one that you can use in different areas of your life not just the professional part.

The turning point for me was during a ‘Creativity & Innovation’ course which was designed to step change the behaviours that can lead us to be more creative and more innovative. It was fantastic!!! This course was unlike anything I had ever done before, it was all about the mind and covered:

  • patterns of thinking and behaving

  • looking at the world differently 

  • the power of the mind

  • unlocking new ideas

  • how you nurture ideas

I was fast becoming a better version of me in my personal life because I was developing a more positive & adaptable mindset and learning how to take action to achieve results. This was more valuable then the academic learning I received at school so I decided to continue my development journey - I've spent more than a decade attending training courses, learning from experts, following my passions and bringing positivity to other peoples lives.

What do I offer you?

  • I created Mind-1 - I've conducted one-to-one coaching, group coaching and even full learning & development courses also designed to help people use positive approaches to achieving their aims. This has enabled me to help others in a structured way  through proven processes and tools. My clients have achieved results.

  • I use Passions for Positivity - I am a passionate Dholplayer and Dhol teacher. Dhol is an indian drum and it's been a blessing in my life because it instantly put's me into a positive place even if I've had a stressful day. It dawned on me that it is the most powerful way to maintain positive mental health and so I encourage others to pick up the drum or to discover/rediscover their passions in life for better mental health. It's a powerful form of fun therapy. 

  • I run 21 days of Positivity Challenges - I run monthly 21 day positivity challenges through Herbalife which has bought together like minded individuals into a community who are also achieving better health for themselves. Like ripples in a pond these individuals are also achieving positive change and influencing others too. You cannot assert positive change in the community, you have to attract it. This means people get excited by the prospect of a healthier life because they see other’s taking control, being healthy & feeling good in themselves.

I'd love to work with you so that you too
can become the best version of yourself.

Mind-1 Limited is a company registered in England. Company number -11270500

Tel: 07961 178 195

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