I'm stuck in the SYSTEM

"I was UNHAPPY as I was simply going through LIFE'S SYSTEMS" 

In my early years I went through the SCHOOL SYSTEM as advised by my parents - after my GCSEs I did my A-Levels and then went on to achieve a degree in Economics & Finance. 

I then moved into the WORKING SYSTEM. I took a graduate placement at Dixons Head Office as a marketeer. I thought it would be fun & creative and at times it was but actually it was my first dose of work life reality.

I discovered that it didn’t matter how good I was based on my achievements, what mattered was what other people thought of me. In the WORKING SYSTEM success is determined by how many people think the same thing as you. You have to be a conformist.

The problem for me was that I was an outlier, I was always different, I liked to break the rules but that’s not what the system wants you to doI was in the system 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year – it had me in its clutches and I felt like there was no escape.

How could I escape, I spent years in the schooling system for this. I was unhappy and looking for something to break me free.

"Like a SQUARE PEG in a ROUND HOLE, I just didn't feel like I truly fit"

"I discovered that I had an interest in the mind!"

The turning point for me was during a ‘Creativity & Innovation’ course which was designed to step change the behaviours that can lead us to be more creative and more innovative. 

It was fantastic!!! This course was unlike anything I had ever done before, it was all about looking at the world differently, breaking the rules, the power of the mind and how you can unlock its potential, how you nurture ideas and why we get stuck in set patterns of thinking and behaving.

This course enlightened me it opened my eyes - being different is a good thing and I was actually gifted.

"I found a path and I was going to walk down it to be the best!"

I’d spent my time unhappy in the system and I decided that I wouldn't let it hold me back any longer - I had a responsibility to myself to take action and do something about it. I've spent more than a decade attending for the right training courses, learning from experts, experiencing all life has to offer and following my passions.


I did my ACADEMIC EDUCATION inside the SYSTEM but I broke free and got my LIFE EDUCATION by my OWN DESIGN. I’ve created Mind-1 to take all of this valuable knowledge so that I can work with you so you too can break free from the things that make you unhappy or that hold you back.

"I want to help you unlock the power of your mind and break free. Positive Change can be achieved by you right now!"   

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