Training that Affects Real Change

At Mind-1 we believe there are 3 key things that that you must consider when looking to attend a training course or choosing a Learning & Development partner

1 \ Communication 

At Mind-1 we understand that all people are different so to increase learning absorption & real behaviour change you need to employ different methods. 

2 \ Coding 

At Mind-1 we create easy to understand models that move peoples behaviours and engages them in wanting to learn more.

3 \ Courses  

At Mind-1 we love giving people the knowledge they need to succeed in their job roles and business. Mind-1 courses have been designed to enable you to WIN!

Mind-1 have provided training courses & presentation talks for a number of businesses like IRI, East Berkshire Executive Job Club (EBEJC), Santander and Herbalife. Please do get in touch so Mind-1 can help you achieve Positive Change & Happiness for the people in your workforce.

The Benefits of Investing in Employee's Learning & Development

People Love Development 

1 \ Gain A Competitive Advantage with a Winning Culture

Offering your employees a development plan as part of their role is a great way to attract candidates to you over your competitors. It's particularly powerful when it's a well rounded plan that focuses on the person and also an established development plan that's ingrained in the culture of the company, top-to-bottom

2 \ Happy Employees = Higher Loyalty = Happier Clients

Investing in employee learning & development shows you care. This will increase the happiness of your employees which in turn increases their loyalty to your company


Loyal employees that are more engaged and more motivated will look to deliver above expectations for your clients which benefits the company overall - this is a real WIN-WIN-WIN. Plus happy & loyal employees will reflect this in satisfaction surveys.

3 \ Decreased Turnover

The average fee for replacing a departing staff member is £30,614, says Oxford Economics and income protection providers Unum. Turnover is a natural part of an organisation and is costly but what if you're losing your best people? Well then you have a real problem on your hands because real value is irreplaceable


By investing in your employees development, you can make them feel valued and reduce the negative impact of turnover. Aside from the direct financial loss high turnover adversely affects your market position, profitability, and revenue.

4 \ Adapting to the Market

Development plans can make you more flexible in a competitive market place. When your employees are well trained, engaged & motivated, they are more committed to ensure your business respond to changes in the market, which ensures longer term company success.

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