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At Mind-1 we love giving people the knowledge they need to succeed in their job roles and business. Mind-1 courses have been designed to enable you to WIN!

We have a portfolio of courses that can be tailored to suit your business & team needs.

Winning Commercial Conversation (part 1) - Effective Listening

Listening is the single most important skill a consultant needs to perfect. Listening can give you information that leads to competitive advantages or the creation of world class solutions

It starts by suspending your agenda & opinion and focusing on the client - their problems & their needs. This will enable you to build rapport that will unlock opportunities you never thought possible

Learn how to effectively listen so you gain the information that will lead to the right action plan and a solution focused proposal that will win you business

Winning Commercial Conversation (part 2) - Questioning & Summarising

Not all clients are ready to give you the information you need, as a consultant you must develop the skill of questioning & summarising to help your clients give you information

You must take the information received and then hone it to build an accurate understanding of the world in which your client operates. Only then can you create a winning solution the client wants to purchase

Learn when to ask the right types of questions (closed, open, high-gain) in a way that builds your rapport & connection with the client and helps you to get the information that will lead you to commercial success

Winning Client Engagement - Networking, Rapport & Changing Generations

People are the most important part of effective client management to deliver against client growth aspirations. However not everyone is naturally able to do this to a high-level.

In order to build networks, have rapport and engage with different types of people it takes an element of strategy & skill. This can be broken down with theory & practical that’s directly applied to clients to achieve fast results.

Learn how to break down your client in terms of teams and people and identify who & how you will engage with them. Also learn the skills you need to walk into a client office and be the person they want to talk to time & time again.

Winning Impact - Insight Presentation Skills

Presentations are an integral part of working with clients. However this can be one of the single biggest fears that you have when working on a client – what happens if you get it wrong?

In order to make you a highly effective consultant you must learn the skills to be a strong presenter. This is important so that you can represent the work and agency that you work for to a high level and leave them with a positive impression.

Learn the 4 key components to a presentation that will allow you to go in with complete confidence and leave them knowing that you are the best agency that they can work with and for future work they commission.

Winning Ideas - Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation are the some of the most important skills you need for client solutions & growth. Yet these are the most misunderstood and overlooked areas of modern business.

How do you become creative? What is the link to innovation? What are the mindsets that lead to creativity that then fuels innovative ideas that will WOW your client or even help you to deliver beyond your own expectations?

Learn that it’s easy to be creative and innovative and that each one of us has the capacity to do this if given the right time and settings. What’s more it’s a great team sport so not only can it enrich your working life, it can even be fun when you’re working with other people.

Discover Your Ability To Win

Winning is a frame of mind, however many people haven’t experienced what it takes to win so can’t relate to or even process how you get into a winning position.

If you think like a winner then then it starts a chain reaction of new feelings and behaviours that enable you to win. By working hard and working smart you can unlock your ability to win.

Learn the types of mindsets and planning processes that will enable you to set an objective and then work towards the thing that you want to achieve be it meeting more people, unlocking more opportunities or hitting your commercial target.

Resilience To Win

Many people have given themselves labels or built up beliefs about themselves that mean they don’t have the resilience to win

If you think like a winner then then it starts a chain reaction of new feelings and behaviours that enable you to win. You must also be prepared to work hard when the going gets tough because you may come close to losing before you actually Win.

Learn that you need to have a clear AIM and that Resilience is in itself a habit that you can develop with the right type of awareness that leads to improvements that then needs to be maintained.