Training that Affects Real Change

At Mind-1 we believe there are 3 key things that that you must consider when looking to attend a training course or choosing a Learning & Development partner

1 \ Communication 

At Mind-1 we understand that all people are different so to increase learning absorption & real behaviour change you need to employ different methods. 

2 \ Coding 

At Mind-1 we create easy to understand models that move peoples behaviours and engages them in wanting to learn more.

3 \ Courses  

At Mind-1 we love giving people the knowledge they need to succeed in their job roles and business. Mind-1 courses have been designed to enable you to WIN!

Mind-1 have provided training courses & presentation talks for a number of businesses like IRI, East Berkshire Executive Job Club (EBEJC), Santander and Herbalife. Please do get in touch so Mind-1 can help you achieve Positive Change & Happiness for the people in your workforce.