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At Mind-1 we understand that all people are different so to increase learning absorption & real behaviour change you need to employ different methods. 


During a Mind-1 training course energy & attendee participation is key. We have developed various ways to ensure our learnings are embedded such that it translates through to actual behaviour change. 

Consider this:

Training programmes typically train individual modules with links from one course to the next only

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Over time learnings are lost – this is simply natural brain function (mental availability) i.e. it’s unlearning to retain more important information

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At Mind-1 learning absorption is key, courses cross-link back into each other. The brain solidifies learnings deeper when it relearns

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What clients say about Gurdev at Mind-1

"Gurdev has a strong drive to constantly improve and innovate in his ways of working in order to become the complete trainer"

"Gurdev has a fantastic understanding of what makes people tick, and is able to bring this to his training and development programmes. He balances theory and practice to ensure that participants are fully engaged throughout and they leave with clear and practical learnings. Highly recommended"