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At Mind-1 we create easy to understand models that move peoples behaviours and engages them in wanting to learn more.

The high success rate that Mind-1 has achieved with trainees stems from the belief that if the path to change is clear, doable & even fun then Success is simply the end-product of small steps taken by the trainees to achieve Positive Change they want.


The AIM for Success model is a very simple model that helps people understand that  before any change can be undertaken we must first have AWARENESS. There are a number of ways we can look to get awareness for example Feedback, so long as it is objective then steps can be taken to achieve change!

Once we have the correct awareness then the necessary steps to achieve IMPROVEMENT become possible. Improvement is not an overnight achievement and depending on what you're looking to achieve a SMART Objective should be applied.

Improvement is only part of the story because once we've achieved improvement then comes MAINTENANCE. This is about embedding the new learning, behaviour or skill so that it becomes the new norm or automatic response. All to often we achieve improvement and then regress to old unhelpful behaviours.

What clients say about Gurdev at Mind-1

"Gurdev uses his knowledge of the subject matter, business acumen and business experience to relate theories into practical steps that will enhance his clients’ work/ personal life."

"At Santander we value real positive change and we have invited Gurdev to present at more of our events and internal meetings. We completely endorse Gurdev and his ability to help us move forward with our personal & professional development. If you get the opportunity to work with or even hear Gurdev speak then take it, it will be one of the best choices you've ever made."