Better Body, Better Mind

You are what you eat

Our Health and Wellness is linked to the food we eat. It effects the way we think, feel and whether we have the right energy to take action. It can not be overlooked. A better body leads to a better mind and vice versa


"Good nutrition isn't about losing weight,

it's about taking care of yourself"


Losing weight can be a by product of good nutrition alongside more energy, a more positive outlook, younger looking clean skin, a stronger immune system, less stomach & indigestion problems. However these aren't achieved overnight and neither are they permanent. They must be maintained on a regular basis. 

21day challenge 2021.png

My health journey


"I just couldn't keep up with my poor eating habits

and I didn't look as good as I wanted"

A pivotal moment in my late 30s was a health check. It suggested my physical health was not as good as I thought despite the perceived ‘balanced’ life I thought I was leading. The problem was a clear lack of awareness and understanding of my unhealthy habits. I wasn’t balanced at all, I thought balance was trying to use exercise to burn off crap snacks, processed foods and weekend indulgences of fast foods and takeaways.

"Nobody plans to be unhealthy

but somehow it creeps up on you"

I’m so pleased I took the opportunity for a health check, it led to better health awareness, better nutrition and I was getting results within months. What's more friends and family were also noticing and they too were looking for similar support & guidance.

"It’s very common for modern lifestyles to mean

we spend most of our time on career

and families with little time for ourselves"

To help those in need I now run monthly 21 day positivity challenges through Herbalife which has bought together like minded individuals into a community who are also achieving better health for themselves. Like ripples in a pond these individuals are also achieving positive change and influencing others too.

"You cannot assert positive change in

the community, you have to attract it"

This means people should get excited by the prospect of a healthier life because they see other’s taking control and that it’s possible to be healthy & feel good in themselves, regardless of age or gender. 

I also have a strong Why, my two young daughters Harleen and Bhavneet. It’s important to me that I live a good example and help them to establish better behaviours by unconsciously absorbing the positive things that I do. I also want to be active in their lives and share experiences with them. I can only do this if I’m healthy as I get older.

"The effect of the foods I was eating wasn't my fault,

but the responsibility to make better choices

and take action to be the BEST ME for my family is mine"